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Roya is a new imprint that aims to release timeless pop music. It's less about trends and what's culturally in vogue but more about the song, the melodies, something that evokes a strong feeling within the listener - be that joy, melancholy or awe.

The name originally derives from a Persian female name that means "a premonition, a vision, a dream, a fantasy", and our logo is inspired by Dali's painting "The Persistence of Memory" with the infamous melting clocks. Surrealism feels relevant to what we're trying to create and the melting clock serves as a more literal symbol for our desire to disregard time in both the process and experience.

We're not in a rush to shout about the label because it's important for us that the artist is front and centre. It takes time to establish a good brand and as we build our catalogue, it will define who we are.

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